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German Alt Seafood Startup Ordinary Seafood to Cease Operations

The Potsdam startup Ordinary Seafood will sadly cease its business operations due to financial difficulties.

The startup was founded as recently as 2022 by Dr. Anton Pluschke with the aim of solving the myriad problems associated with industrial fishing. With its plant-based fish alternatives, the company wanted to transform the global seafood industry and become the world’s leading alternative seafood products company by 2030.

Despite its far-reaching mission and goals, Ordinary Seafood has now had to cease operations due to financial difficulties. According to the founder, despite the incredible customer feedback and great response, the financing landscape has changed dramatically in recent times, which has now led to the closure of the company.

The shakeout continues

Other startups that have had to close doors in recent months include plant meat producer Nowadays of the US; alt shrimp producer New Wave Foods of the US; vegan street food brand RIP Foods of Spain; and vegan bacon producer Hooray Foods also of the US, as the category consolidation continues internationally.

Ordinary Seafood tuna on pizza
@ Ordinary Seafood

The company’s portfolio included three innovative products: plant-based tuna, salmon, and shrimp. Two of these products were introduced nationwide in METRO stores as recently as November 2023 and sold by various food service providers, including Chefs Culinar, Nordic Food Service, Frischdienst, and Vegilife.

Anton Pluschke thanked his dedicated team via LinkedIn and said: “I firmly believe that we must continue to find ways to improve the global food system and combat climate change and would be happy if my network could contribute to this dedicated team to enable talented and simply great people to pursue their next exciting career. Please contact my former colleagues directly, comment, like and share this post so we can keep the mission alive.”

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