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German Brand Happy Cheeze Announces Rebrand to Dr. Mannah’s

As of now, Dr. Mannah’s Happy Cashew vegan cheese and co-chocolate alternatives, known as Happy Cheeze from 2012, can be found under the new name Dr. Mannah’s.

The German producer previously had to rename its brand from Happy Cheeze to Happy Cashew due to a legal dispute which dictated that it was only allowed to call itself cheese if animal milk was included.

“Happy Cashew was an obvious choice at the time, as it was visually not too far removed from the original brand name, while also referring to the raw material that forms the basis of our plant-based alternative products,” says Dr. Mudar Mannah, founder and CEO.

In the meantime, the company has been busy working on innovations, the first of which will be launched on the market at the end of August and – this much can already be revealed – will go beyond the cashew. In this respect, it was clear to the Cuxhaven-based company that a new name was needed. It therefore seemed logical to give the brand a face, and that by none other than Dr. Mudar Mannah, founder and creator of the plant-based cheeses and yogurts.

Dr Mannah's
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Dr. Mannah ‘s has been revamping the vegan cheese alternative market since 2012 with innovative recipes, traditional manufacturing methods as well as all-new hybrid processes. Supported by loyal fans who have enthusiastically followed the startup and its variety of products for years and eagerly await the new items in the vegan refrigerated aisle.

“We have set ourselves the goal of being the European market leader in the vegan cheese category by 2030, making plant-based alternatives accessible for special and everyday enjoyment through our diverse range,” says Mannah.

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