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German Pea Protein Producer Amidori to Relaunch as Endori

amidori, the German producer of plant-based meats from pea protein, has become “endori”. The background being that another European company had already applied for a similar-sounding trademark before amidori was founded in 2015, but mainly for meat products – and has now claimed its (older) trademark rights over similar-sounding brand names throughout Europe.

In order to have legal certainty, and also to exclude any risk of confusion, the name amidori was further developed. Therefore, although trademark proceedings are formally pending, the company has decided that the brand and company name amidori will be changed to endori. endori will become the name for all, including future, product categories. Measures are already in place for the planned relaunch in June.


In terms of content, the name endori is also a very good fit for the product since the idea for founding the company originated in Japan. Endo’ comes from the Japanese and means ‘pea’. Dori is also Japanese, coming from (mi)dori and conveys the meanings ‘green’ and ‘sustainability’. With the intertwined words ‘endo’ (pea) and ‘dori’ (sustainability), the name stands for an important distinguishing feature: the pea as the main raw material.

Since the national brand building has just begun, the company believes that the name endori should be well received by consumers, with it being sufficiently close to the previous brand name, consumers are likely to recognise ‘their’ brand for the most part when they look at endori products on the shelf. The brand identity (colour codes, fonts, visual language, product) otherwise remains the same.

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