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GREENEST’s Vegan Products Become ‘India’s First Alt Protein Export’ to the USA

GREENEST Foods, a plant protein startup from India, recently shipped what it claims to be ‘the first alt protein export’ from India to the United States. 

Working in collaboration with Wholesome Foods, the company exported a 5,000 kg consignment of GREENEST’s products: mini samosas, momos, spring rolls, nuggets, and grilled patties, among other vegan products. 

GFI India and India’s Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) have worked closely with GREENEST to achieve this milestone export. APEDA promotes plant-based exports from India, and the GFI India promotes policy pathways for plant-based foods exports, ensuring that products are competitive in foreign markets.

Large interest from foreign markets

Gaurav Sharma, GREENEST’s founder & CEO, said: “We are honoured to flag off India’s first export of plant-based meat to the US in collaboration with Wholesome Foods and express our wholehearted gratitude to APEDA for its support. We have been receiving a large interest from foreign markets for high-quality and healthy plant-based foods, and GREENEST is happy to take the lead in this endeavour from India. We are confident that on the back of our strong product quality and unique value proposition, these volumes will grow significantly in the months to come. We hope that this opens new opportunities for our friends in India’s plant-based industry.”


Earth Conscious Consumers 

GREENEST is based in New Delhi and was founded by Gaurav Sharma. Sharma explains that GREENEST was born to cater to a growing base of earth-conscious consumers looking to substitute their favourite meat dishes with plant-based alternatives. It uses cutting-edge research and technology to make realistic meat alternatives.

GREENEST is known for its authentic, Indianized, and well-priced range of plant-based alternatives. It has B2B partnerships with leading food service players like Burgrill, Wat a Burger, Chocolate Room, and Biggies Burger, among others.

According to GREENEST, last year, the startup made waves when it launched the country’s first plant-based meat burger, The Green Meat Pounder, in collaboration with Burgrill across multiple cities in the country.

GREENEST products

India’s plant-based market

India is a leading producer of crops rich in protein and is well positioned to service both the national and international plant-based foods sector. The Indian plant-based market could reach US$2.2 billion by 2030, with an export potential of up to US$1.1 billion, explains Varun Deshpande, managing director at GFI India.

Varun Deshpande continued commenting on GREENEST’s export: “GFI India and Deloitte India analysis indicates that with the right support, the Indian smart protein sector is poised to capture a sizable share of a multi-billion dollar global market by 2030, leading to major job creation and export income opportunities. Plant-based meat brands like Greenest are at the forefront of this smart protein transformation, and this milestone is an exciting indication that we are on the right track.”



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