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Happy Birthday to Future Farm: From Brazil to the World in Two Years

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Fast-growing Brazilian foodtech pioneer Future Farm, recipient of the “World Changing Ideas” award from Fast Co., celebrates its second year of operation with a new product launch. Here we compile some of the cult brand’s most significant milestones in just 24 months.

“Future Burger 2030 Smoked is one of the coolest products Future Farm has ever developed. We’re sure it will be yet another sales hit”

  • Future Farm (Fazenda Futura in Brazil) was the first foodtech in Latin America focused on producing plant-based meat with nothing of animal origin
  • An impressive raise last September of R$115 million (approx. US$22.5 million), elevated its market value to R$715 million (approx. US$134 million).
  • Huge success in the UAE where its products outperform those of Beyond Meat
  • A successful launch into the UK market through Sainsbury’s supermarket this January
  • This March, Future Farm announced the launch of its first-ever diner concept, featuring burgers in the style of ‘vintage McDonald’s
Future Farm smoked burger
©Future Farm
  • The brand’s profile is the second most followed account globally in its field, with over 300 thousand followers
  • The brand’s portfolio is already available in 24 countries
  • The packaging is made from sugar cane and all of the 2030 products come with biodegradable packaging
  • With its own app, the company can now communicate directly with consumers, who can buy frozen and ready-for-consumption goods

The new product launch announced this week is a smoked burger, Future Burger 2030 Smoked; a product that arose from demand from its customer base that is currently being sold in retail, foodservice and that will also be part of Future Station’s menu.

Futuro Station Future Farm
Future Station ©Future Farm

The ingredients are non-GMO soybeans, peas, beets for coloring, coconut and canola oil, and a natural smoked aroma. Future Burger 2030 Smoked is quite similar to Future Burger 2030 in its composition, offering  6,5mg of fat per 80g serving and 11g of protein and additionally its sodium content is according to the company, the lowest in the category worldwide, at 178mg per serving.

“Future Burger 2030 Smoked is one of the coolest products Future Farm has ever developed. We’re sure it will be yet another sales hit, as we designed it from mapped consumer feedback. We’ve heard and yet again catered to the futurists,” says brand founder Marcos Leta.

Speaking with vegconomist today, Leta said, “Technology is part of our DNA, so we focus on what matters most: the consumer. Creating premium plant-based products with competitive price to democratize the category.”

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