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Heura Foods Wins Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2020

The magazine Emprendedores de España has awarded the 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year Award to Heura Foods, the Spanish vegan meat producer and the fastest-growing plant-based meat brand in Europe.

The award was presented in person to the company’s CEO and co-founder, Marc Coloma, who expressed his enthusiasm through his Linkedin page.

“The companies of the future are the ones that integrate the social and the economic, and transform society […] Traditions need to be updated and we are making a better meat that responds to global challenges.

“Nothing has more strength than an idea whose time has come and now is the time for vegan meat”.

The award can be seen from 21:10.

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Last month the company announced the launch of its products on the UK market which immediately sold out, in the same month the company announced it has developed the world’s healthiest hamburger. More on this to follow in our exclusive interview this week.

In April this year Heura announced that it had grown by 450% to date, and in May vegconomist broke the news that New Crop Capital led a convertible note round which had participation from Michiel van Deursen, Founder at Capital V.

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