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Heura to Unlock “Unprecedented Nutritional Value” With New Patent-Pending Technology

Heura has announced the development of a new patent-pending technology that claims to make it possible to produce plant-based foods with previously unattainable nutritional values.

The Spanish food tech startup says it aims to address unresolved challenges in the plant-based industry, creating a “superior sensorial experience with high value nutritional products” and no additives. The new technology — derived from Heura’s Good Rebel Tech platform, which launched last year — is also said to provide a faster and more efficient way to design and process food products.

“We are […] offering a new level of animal meat successors”

According to Heura, the proprietary technology uses a novel thermomechanical technique, with heat and mechanical energy used to shape or modify a material’s properties. It is one of numerous innovations developed by Heura’s R&D team; another is an olive oil-based fat alternative that can create juicy meat alternatives with far less saturated fat than conventional meat.

Heura launches new patent-pending technology
© Heura

Redefining food processing

Last October, Heura raised €20 million, saying it aimed to become the European plant-based leader by 2027. The company reported that its turnover had almost doubled in the first half of 2022, with Heura products entering over 1,500 new stores across several countries.

At the beginning of this year, Heura entered the alt seafood category after over 12 months of R&D, launching F’sh Fillets and F’sh Fingers.

“While plant-based foods have taken great leaps forward the past few years, poor quality nutrition associated with processed foods has been a major barrier in its growth,” said CEO and co-founder of Heura, Marc Coloma. “Our new patent-pending technology is here to redefine food processing and accelerate the plant-based protein transition. By focusing on high nutritional values with clean labels, we are not only creating an unprecedented competitive advantage, but also offering a new level of animal meat successors, foods that are superior to their traditional meat counterparts.”

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