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Hi Vegs! Secures Carrefour Listing in Spain

Hi Vegs!, the Dacsa Group’s vegetable products company, is now available in Carrefour supermarkets in Spain, bringing its retail footprint to a total of 200 listings.

The Dacsa Group, leader in the corn and rice milling sector, launches in Carrefour Spain with a range of four 100% vegan products:

  • Bocaditos de atún (tuna snacks)
  • Bocaditos de ternera (Veal morsels)
  • Albóndigas (meatballs)
  • Veggieclara (functional egg white substitute made from aquafaba which can be used in numerous sweet and savoury recipes, such as sauces, cakes, omelettes, etc)
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Both Hi Vegs! Bocaditos and Albóndigas are 100% plant-based products, made from texturised pea protein. The Dacsa Group’s R+D+i team says it recreated the taste, texture and appearance of the animal product it replaces, and additionally, these are gluten and soy-free products offering a high protein content.

“With the launch of this new brand, we are adapting to new consumption habits and patterns in order to respond to the growing concerns of a population that is aware of its health, animal welfare and the environment,” explains Araceli Císcar, executive director of the Dacsa Group.

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