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Hydrosol Says Seafood Alternatives are “Just a Step Away From Going Mainstream”

German company Hydrosol has stated in a press release that seafood alternatives are “plant-based stars for 2020”. Following the overall current market success of plant-based alternatives to meat, sausages and dairy products, the time has come to initiate the next plant-based revolution and introduce more seafood alternatives to the market.

According to a report by the BBC, the current supply of seafood alternatives is limited and insufficiently marketed. As a result, the stage of development is comparatively low and to a large extent underwhelming. In parallel, the global pandemic ensures a far-reaching reorientation of customer’s opinions on their eating habits and provides an opportunity for a successful market entry of seafood alternatives.

Hydrosol is a fast-growing supplier of food stabilisers and expert for plant-based alternatives, since it has been involved in future-oriented possibilities for meat alternatives. As reported in November 2019, the company formed a plant-based competence center with the aim of pooling its expertise and creating a space for discussion, which led to the latest new products in the sector of seafood alternatives.

Hydrosol Stern Technology Center in Ahrensburg

The company developed product concepts for fish filet based on a rice texturate, plant-based alternatives to breaded fish sticks and the HydroTOP VEGAN RB5 full compound. Following this promising development, product manager Florian Bark said that “plant-based alternatives to fish products are just a step away from going mainstream.”

Within this restructuring process, Hydrosol could play a leading role given its international network and the company’s representation in the world’s key markets. Hydrosol emphasizes its importance in the successful implementation as follows: “Many manufacturers are looking to us for new concepts in this category, which has enormous sales potential.”

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