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Impossible Foods Aims to Replace Meat With Plants by 2035

The Drum recently interviewed Impossible Foods in Las Vegas at CES 2020, the world’s largest tech expo. In the interview, the Impossible representative stated the company aim of replacing all animal meat by 2035, in fifteen years’ time. It’s an interesting, ambitious and one could say feasible objective.

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©Impossible Foods

Jessica Applegren, Impossible Foods’ vice-president of communications, discussed the brand’s aims to eliminate the need for animals in the food system by 2035, replacing meat with plants using a key ingredient it developed called heme, whilst discussing its latest product, Impossible Pork, and the continuing partnership with Burger King.

“Our intention is to give consumers exactly what they love about meat, but demand very little on their part,” she added. “If you are giving the consumer the same flavors, the same textures, the same price point, the same health benefits, and more as well as all the sustainability aspects as well, why wouldn’t you switch?”

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