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Impossible Foods Partners with US Army Central to Serve Plant-Based Options to Overseas Troops

Impossible Foods has announced a milestone in its partnership with the US military, with the US Army Central now poised to introduce Impossible’s plant-based meat products into its dining facilities overseas in the coming weeks.

Impossible explains to vegconomist that the initiative comes as a result of the growing demand for more plant-based meal options across the military. The products have been available in various military food operations for the last few years, says a representative, for example at Walter Reed Medical Center, which the company says indicates a gradual shift towards more diverse dietary offerings within the armed forces. However, this is the first time Impossible has worked directly with the US Army Central to serve its products in various military dining facilities, as the result of three years of planning and coordination.

“Now troops around the world […] have access to delicious, nutrient-dense meat from plants”

President and CEO of Impossible Foods, Peter McGuinness, shared the news on social media: “Thrilled to share that the US Army Central will soon start serving Impossible Foods. Our troops in North Africa, (the) Persian Gulf, (the) Middle East, and Southwest Asia will be able to enjoy our nutrient-dense and delicious Impossible Beef and Impossible Burgers that provide high-quality protein, fiber, and iron with no cholesterol. This is a very proud moment for our team and company, and such an incredible win to start the year!”

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Overcoming market boundaries

The move by Impossible Foods to partner with the US Army Central is part of its cited strategy to make its plant-based products accessible to a wider audience, overcoming traditional market boundaries that have often segmented plant-based foods as exclusively vegan. By entering diverse sectors, including the military and educational institutions, Impossible aims to mainstream plant-based eating as a healthy, sustainable option for all consumers, regardless of dietary preference.

At the recent Adweek X conference in Los Angeles, McGuinness highlighted the challenges faced by plant-based businesses, including consumer misinformation and previous marketing missteps. He underscored the necessity for an industry-wide transformation to reposition plant-based foods from an alternative option to a mainstream choice. The company’s efforts include achieving the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check mark for its Beef Lite and partnering with IHOP to introduce plant-based sausage patties to a significant demographic of non-vegan consumers.

“Our work with the US Army Central […] is a major milestone for us as a brand and as a category”

Erin Reynolds, VP of Foodservice Sales at Impossible Foods, spoke to vegconomist about the partnership: “It’s a real honor to bring Impossible to our troops overseas. Our work with the US Army Central has been years in the making, and this is a major milestone for us as a brand and as a category. Now troops around the world, from the Middle East to the Philippines, have access to delicious, nutrient-dense meat from plants – that’s thousands of meals every day that can now be made with Impossible plant-based beef. We’re just barely scratching the surface here, so we’re excited about what the future holds.”

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