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Japan: Next Meats Co. in Product Development Agreement With Microalgae Specialist Euglena

Japanese plant-based meat startup Next Meats Co LTD recently announced it has signed a joint product development agreement with biotech company euglena Co. Also based in Japan, euglena specialises in the cultivation of the microalgae species Euglena and Chlorella and the development of biofuels. Together the companies will develop sustainable plantbased meats with a low environmental impact.

The first joint product of the cooperation partners, called NEXT Euglena Yakiniku EX, is now available for pre-sale in the official online store of Next Meats, at present to be available only in Japan. Both parties had already signed a joint product development agreement in December 2020, with the aim of offering consumers more sustainable and healthier nutritional options.

Next Meats hamburger-steak
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NEXT Euglena Yakiniku EX is a plant-based meat alternative that contains approximately 500 mg of euglena and 500 mg of chlorella extract. The product, which combines the strengths of both companies, is rich in protein and has a balance of essential vitamins and minerals. The Euglena Yakiniku EX, like all other Next Meats products, is free of artificial additives and contains no cholesterol as no animal ingredients are used. It also has a significantly lower negative environmental impact than conventional meat, which has been shown in multiple studies and governmental white papers to be significantly damaging to the planet.

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