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Japanese Sake Brewery NANBU BIJIN is First to Receive Vegan Certification Worldwide

The spirits producer Nanbu Bijin Co., Ltd. from Ninohe, Japan, has been producing sake for over five generations. On January 25, 2019, the company received vegan certification for domestic and foreign markets (Japan: NPO Vege Project Japan, foreign countries: The Vegan Society), after previously receiving kosher certification in 2013.

Nanbu Bijin was founded in 1902, and thanks to the increasing popularity of its products, the company has been steadily expanding its business ever since. Nanbu Bijin follows the philosophy of “authentic quality”. The manufacturer always tries to be in touch with the consumer and designs its products according to consumer needs.

The company has already won several prizes and awards for its spirits. In various competitions for Japan’s best sake, for example, the product “NANBU BIJIN Asawake Sparkling” won first prize in the Sparkling Sake category in 2017 and 2018. The company has also received awards for its products in other countries, for example at the International Wine Challenge 2017, where it received a prize for the “best sake in the world”.

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