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Josh Tetrick of JUST Awarded Executive of the Year

JUST’s Josh Tetrick has been given the title of Executive of the Year by Food Dive. Also recognised in the 2018 awards was the acquisition of Pinnacle Foods by Conagra as the Deal of the Year.

JUST was founded in December 2011 by Tetrick and Josh Balk, with the aim of creating healthy, affordable, sustainable and delicious food, using plant proteins as building blocks. Their current portfolio includes plant-based dressings, dips, cookie dough, egg substitute, Power Gari porridge, with a cell-cultured chicken soon to be launched to the market.

JUST’s mung bean based egg substitute, which is said to look, cook and taste similarly to chicken eggs, was rolled out to restaurants and grocery stores nationwide in the US this year and was voted one of the ’10 Smartest Sustainable Products of 2018′ by Time magazine.

“It’s trying to figure out a way through our technology platform, through the talent that we have, through the products we sell, to reach people who are intrinsically good but are too busy, too poor, don’t care, whatever it is — which is to say 99.99% of the world — to figure out a way to get them to eat well,” Tetrick commented to Food Dive. “That’s the challenge, and that’s hard, and that’s the point.”

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