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Katjes: First Veggie, Now Climate Neutral

After “100 % veggie” fruit gum and liquorice and the first vegan chocolate based on oat drink “Chocjes”, German brand Katjes is now going one step further in terms of sustainability. In 2020, the confectionery producer wants to operate its production sites in a climate-neutral manner – by promoting certified climate protection projects.

As one of the first companies in its sector, Katjes is voluntarily offsetting its emissions in line with the goals of the Kyoto Protocol and is thus once again playing a pioneering role. By dispensing with animal gelatine, the confectionery manufacturer was able to reduce CO2 emissions for individual products by up to 20 per cent.

Voluntary commitment to climate protection

To offset emissions, Katjes promotes certified projects in India, Kenya, Rwanda and Peru. These projects not only contribute to climate protection, but also specifically support sustainable development in these countries. Among other things, they contribute to health protection, education and the preservation of biodiversity. Prior to this, Katjes had his CO2 emissions recorded by the experts of “Fokus Zukunft” in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standards (GHG Protocol).

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Supporting selected projects is only one part of Katjes’ commitment to climate protection within the framework of its sustainability strategy. Since 2012, the company has been continuously working on measures to reduce and avoid CO2, including the use of modern refrigeration technology and power generation in its own combined heat and power plant. Already in the first four years after the start of the project, Katjes was able to reduce its CO2 footprint by 28 percent, also by switching to green electricity. By 2030, Katjes aims to almost halve its production-related CO2 emissions.

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