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Kellogg’s Predicts Vegan Future for the Food Market

At the first Good Food Conference last September 6-7, Nigel Hughes, Kelloggs SVP Global R&D, spoke about the future of food markets and the current vegan trend within the industry. During a panel discussion entitled “How Food Companies are Rethinking Meat for the Flexitarian Consumer”, he commented, amongst other things, on rapid changes in the markets due to the constantly growing demand for plant-based proteins.

“This is a paradigm shift … Plant protein will play a much bigger role in the future than it does today,” said Hughes, discussing the potential of this trend, especially with large companies in mind. Kelloggs itself is already very active in this segment, and has its own marketing and research and development teams to take full advantage of the opportunities in this area.

The global food markets have been undergoing a transformation towards new, innovative and, above all, plant-based product alternatives for some time now. Ongoing trends such as veganism and flexitarianism, as well as consumers’ increasing understanding of dietary issues, are boosting demand for plant-based products and increasingly influencing producers and service providers in the food industry.

Kelloggs is just one of many leading representatives of the food industry who attended the Good Food Conference to discuss the plant-based food movement and present their own concepts. Many innovative companies from the Clean Meat sector were also present, including JUST, Memphis Meats, BlueNalu and MosaMeat.



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