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Lallemand Receives Authorization For Non-Animal Vitamin D Yeast in the EU

Lallemand Bio-Ingredients, a yeast specialist based in Canada, announces that the EU Regulation authorizing the use of its Lalmin® non-animal vitamin D yeast in 22, consolidated, new food categories, has now been published.

“Manufacturers looking for a non-animal, natural source of vitamin D2 can count on us”

Vitamin D is vital for human health; it is obtained by sunlight and some foods, and supplements are recommended for those in countries with less sunshine. Many vitamin D products come from animal sources including eggs and lanolin.

Previously, Lallemand‘s vitamin D yeast was permitted for use in baked products and food supplements. In April of last year, Lallemand received a favourable opinion from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for the use of vitamin D yeast in additional categories, including fermented milk or cream, and meat or dairy analogues. The EU has acknowledged that the use of vitamin D yeast across a wide range of food categories is safe for all intended populations.

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Celia Martin, Global Regulatory Affairs Director for Lallemand Bio-Ingredients comments: “Our effort to expand the use of vitamin D yeast in food applications has been successful and we are happy to see that we are now able to provide it to the EU market in a wide variety of food products. Evidence from the scientific community continues to show that vitamin D levels in the EU population require supplementation. The community will now be able to obtain sufficient quantities in a variety of foods.

“Manufacturers looking for a non-animal, natural source of vitamin D2 can count on us. Our  vitamin D yeast was the first vitamin D novel food approved in the EU and we’re proud to continue to invest in this increasingly important ingredient.”

An application dossier has also been submitted to the U.S. FDA with a petition to extend the use of Lalmin® vitamin D yeast in 18 food categories. Approval is expected in 2022.

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