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Lidl’s Own-Brand Vegan Range Vemondo Wins PETA Vegan Food Award

Update Jan 2024: Following the company’s recognition as Best Vegan Private Label at the PETA Vegan Food Awards in 2022, Vemondo’s Helado Vegano Sabor Cheese-Cake was named one of the world’s ten best vegan ice creams by abillion. International V-Label Awards took place later in the year with the Vemondo range winning the Special Consumers’ Award, and in 2023, the company also took home a V-Label Award for marketing and branding. 

In a significant move to promote the adoption of meat alternatives, Lidl Germany dropped the price for Vemondo products in October 2023 by 20%, achieving price parity with their animal-based counterparts. Lidl Germany representatives spoke to the decision at the ProVeg International New Food Hub the following month, stating, “We have taken steps to analyse our current range and understand what is the split between plant-based protein and animal-based protein. Using this data, we’ve looked at where we need to get to and made sure that we’ve set some ambitious goals for ourselves for 2030. And we’ve now taken a big step to help the business on this journey through our commitment to price parity.”

Discount supermarket Lidl has received the PETA Vegan Food Award 2022 in the category of Best Vegan Private Label for its own-brand plant-based range Vemondo, whose products are climate-neutral.

“We hope that many other companies in the food industry will follow this forward-looking example and also make their product range vegan and sustainable,” PETA

Vemondo was launched in the spring of 2021 and rolled out into further markets in the following August, going on to receive a nomination in the Best in Sustainability category at the V-Label awards 2021. Additionally, the Pizza con Salsa di Pomodoro was awarded 6th place in the World’s 10 Best Vegan Frozen Foods of 2022 awards by abillion.

Lidl Vemondo

Currently, the private label includes around 50 plant-based products ranging from meat alternatives to vegan yogurts and desserts. The company says that it offsets unavoidable emissions from production, packaging, transport and disposal through recognized Gold Standard-certified climate protection projects.

“We are very pleased that our own brand ‘Vemondo’ has won the ‘Vegan Food Award’ from PETA. With the purely plant-based products, we not only want to appeal to vegans, but also offer different eating cultures, such as flexitarians, delicious alternatives in everyday life. In the future, we will continue to expand our range of innovative plant-based foods and develop them further in terms of taste, appearance, texture and sustainability,” says Christoph Graf, Head of Purchasing at Lidl in Germany.


“With its vegan own brand ‘Vemondo’, Lidl shows in an exemplary manner that enjoyable and purely plant-based taste creations are possible at any time. A vegan diet is good for animals, people and the environment. We hope that many other companies in the food industry will follow this forward-looking example and also make their product range vegan and sustainable. PETA congratulates on winning the Vegan Food Awards 2022 in the category “Best vegan private label,” said Harald Ullmann, co-founder and 2nd chairman of PETA Germany.

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