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Loryma to Present Wheat Solutions at Chicago’s IFT FIRST as Prelude to New US Subsidiary

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Loryma, a leader in texturized wheat proteins, will present its ingredients and application concepts for meat alternatives at IFT FIRST at booth S2173. The German company’s texturate range has been proven to replicate chicken drumsticks as well as ground meat for sausages.

Loryma’s IFT FIRST presentation in July will act as a prelude to extended business relations in the USA; in 2023 it will open up a US subsidiary to help meet increasing demand for plant-based ingredients.

Recreating crispy chicken skin with plants

Loryma has created drumsticks consisting of Lory® Tex Chunks, particularly long-fibre textured wheat proteins, which the company says perfectly imitate the fibres of grown muscle meat due to their unique structure. The chicken skin is created with a wheat-based coating system that becomes crisp during frying. 

Loryma_Vegan chicken
Loryma Vegan chicken ©Crespel&Deiters

“Recreating crispy chicken skin with purely vegetable ingredients was a real challenge, yet we are more than satisfied with the final concept,” commented Norbert Klein, Head of Product Development at Loryma to thepoultrysite. “It’s just right for everyone who wants to give up meat but not this classic treat.”

At the Chicago event, the company will showcase its extended Lory® Tex range of wheat texturates that come in versatile sizes, shapes and colors to authentically replicate the mouthfeel of a variety of meats. The concepts can be individually modified and hybrid applications with both meat and textured wheat proteins are also possible.

In 2021 Loryma developed a recipe for vegan grilled and fried sausages based on wheat ingredients, and previously also unveiled a vegan chicken breast, which according to the company appears just like a real pre-cooked chicken breast, able to be enjoyed both cold or hot without loss of quality.

Loryma sausage

Henrik Hetzer, Managing Director of Loryma, states in a press release: “The rising demand for future-proof meat alternatives makes the market more prosperous than ever. US manufacturers, therefore, want to be able to quickly respond with natural products that are easy to handle and allow for the production of authentic plant-based foods that closely replicate the meat original. Furthermore, by working together we can save the planet’s resources – for ourselves and future generations.” 

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