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LoveSeitan Shortlisted in Best Vegan Meat Category

Vegan meat brand LoveSeitan has been shortlisted once again for the VegFest UK awards in the vegan meats category, following successful trade shows and sales partnerships with Bravura Foods that have seen the brand gain listings in UK health food wholesalers and with food giant Bidfood. 

Vegfest Awards2019

Love Seitan’s portfolio includes vegan bacon, seitan sausage logs, mock chicken nuggets and burgers, which are  produced in a vegan specific factory site known as Plant-based Silicon Valley, founded by Vegan Entrepreneur Heather Mills, who previously also invested in the brand.

Outside of retail, the brand’s products are becoming popular in the bar and restaurant sector:  Revolution Bars are now using the LoveSeitan pepperoni pieces on their pizzas and the LoveSeitan Funky Chyck’n pieces in their wraps, and BrewDog bars up in Scotland are serving various LoveSeitan sausage log products.

All of the LoveSeitan products are fortified with vitamin B12 and 100g of LoveSeitan provides of 50% of your daily requirement of B12. All products are vegan, low fat, high in protein and contain no cholesterol, GMO’s or Palm Oil. They are also a good source of Iron and Calcium.

Love Seitan Range
Image courtesy of Bravura Foods

Steve Swindon owner of Love Seitan commented, “We are having amazing year and we were made up to have been shortlisted last year in the VegFest UK Awards. The product range has evolved so much I really think we are in our strongest position and would love to win this award this year.”

Lisa Gawthorne Co-Founder of Bravura Foods adds, “The brand is simply immense it’s the highest protein style mock meat on the market, its clean, it’s tasty and nutritious and it’s made in the UK, not hiked across the world like many other lines.”

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