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MAESTRI PASTAI: Premium Pasta from Italy

The Italian pasta specialist MAESTRI PASTAI is known for its premium handcrafted pasta. MAESTRI PASTAI’s organic product lines are characterized by all-natural ingredients and gentle production processes which ensure the products’ high quality standards.

For its organic MAESTRI PASTAI products, the company prefers to use ancient grains that guarantee an authentic taste; unlike other manufacturers, it does not limit itself to modern organic durum wheat. MAESTRI PASTAI Organic contains a special selection of ancient grains, both white and whole grain.

Each product is characterized by its intense taste, which conveys the full texture and nutrient-richness of the grains. These have not undergone any genetic modification, preserving all the nutritional and sensory characteristics typical of a higher-quality product.

MAESTRI PASTAI is committed to optimum quality assurance. The company is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001, 14001 and works consistently according to the HACCP guidelines. All the manufacturer’s products are BRC, IFS and organic certified.

More information about MAESTRI PASTAI can be found at

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