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Meat Giant Vion Considers Entering the Market for Meat Alternatives

In an interview with Dutch financial newspaper Financieele Dagblad, Vion CEO Ronald Lotgerink said the company was considering entering the meat alternatives market.

VION N.V. is an internationally operating Dutch company in the business of food and ingredients, which produces meat and meat products.

“We think that it is a rational business decision to think about vegetarian products for us, also as we have already been selling it for a couple of years,” Nancy Aschman from Vion Group Communication told FoodIngredientsFirst. “We see a demand for it. As a normal company, business decisions are based on what the market is doing. If you look at Nestlé and Tyson, those companies are also investing in that area of the market.

“…we already have a lot of meat replacement products, which we sell especially in the outlets of B2B industries and catering. We are thinking about growing that part of our business because we see that especially in northwestern Europe there is a growth market for that. We already have these products and we feel that we can grow that part of our business,” she added.

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