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Milkadamia: “We Were Created to Help People Easily Part Ways with Dairy”

It’s day four in our celebratory series about the wonderful world of plant milks, leading up to World Plant Milk Day this Saturday 22nd. We are featuring different plant milk brands every day this week to see how they are celebrating and how they envision the future of the milk industry. Today, the spotlight is on Milkadamia.

Milkadamia began in Australia on a family farm that grows macadamia nuts. Today, the brand can also be found across the US and in London. Milkadamia launched with a barista-style milk called “latte da”, and has since expanded to produce milks (both shelf-stable and chilled), creamers, and most recently a buttery spread. The company’s mantra is “moo is moot”, and it tells us that “Milkadamia was created to allow people to easily part ways with dairy”.

Milkadamia wpmd
© Milkadamia

Milkadamia is keen to promote World Plant Milk Day, so we spoke to Christina Downey, CMO at the company, to find out about its plans. She told us: “Last year, Milkadamia tweeted 13 reasons why moo is moot; these remain the same, but the fact is that more and more people are leaning towards plant milk, especially during the peak of the pandemic. They are excited by the products but unsure how to use the milks. So this year, we are partnering with LiveKindly to showcase some easy, delicious ways to use plant milks. We will be launching the campaign tomorrow — Friday, August 21st — across our Instagram channels, giving people time to celebrate World Plant Milk Day on the 22nd with a smoothie in hand.”

We have been asking the brands involved in our features to give us their views on what the milk market will look like in ten years. Christina was quick to point out that recent global events have had an impact.

“Given the past 8 months, I’d say 10 years is hard to predict,” she said. “We can only hope dairy will continue its slow decline to irrelevance. So much has happened in 2020, and that can feel overwhelming. What gives those of us at Milkadamia a ray of positivity is that when faced with catastrophe, humans can band together to enact change quickly. World Plant Milk Day is another day to celebrate the progress we’ve made, as well as remind us of the work ahead of us.”



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