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Kellogg’s Claims MorningStar Farms Products Will Be Made With “Sustainable” Soy and 100% Renewable Energy

Kellogg’s has announced plans to improve the sustainability of its MorningStar Farms products over the course of 2022, stating its meat alternatives will be made with 100% renewable energy by the end of the year.

Kellogg’s has also partnered with Benson Hill to source a new soy-based ingredient which it claims will make MorningStar Farms products more sustainable. The company says the new measures are part of its Better Days commitment, which aims to address wellbeing, hunger relief, and climate resiliency.

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Kellogg’s and plant-based: a mixed track record

Kellogg’s has a mixed track record when it comes to plant-based products. While the company has launched some vegan-friendly cereals, many others contain animal-derived vitamins and even beef gelatin.

However, the company has been expanding its IncogMeato and MorningStar Farms brands. In 2020, it launched MorningStar products into Australia and invested $43 million to increase the capacity of its plant-based facility.

“Our dedication and willingness to push boundaries on the sustainability front is something we take pride in,” said Sara Young, general manager of plant-based proteins at Kellogg. “We’ve made it our mission to make plant-based foods that are both good for consumers and the planet. It’s become a core principle of our brand and having that as a driver we think truly distinguishes us from other players in the space.”

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