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Moving Mountains Expands to Europe

Moving Mountains has teamed up with one of Europe’s largest meat companies, Jan Zandbergen, with plans to make meatless Moving Mountains burger available across Europe.

This will be the first instance Jan Zandbergen distributes a plant-based product, and the company will be the sole distributor of the Moving Mountains Burger in the EU outside the UK. The Moving Mountains Burger will be available across Europe in thousands of diners, cafes and fast food restaurants.

British startup Moving Mountains has spent three years perfecting its plant-based B12 Burger and has secured distribution in over thousand locations across the UK within a year. The burgers smell, taste, and cook like meat and contain 25g vegetable protein per serving, with added B12 vitamin. They are made from oyster mushrooms, pea, wheat and soy proteins, and oats, with added beetroot juice that creates the “bleeding” effect when cooked.

Managing Director of Jan Zandbergen, Jochem Versloot commented on the news: “One of our core values is to always go for the best product. Moving Mountains has achieved this with developing one of the most realistic meat alternatives the world has seen. After tasting this burger, we were confident that Moving Mountains is the company to partner with to enter the alternative protein market. With an incredible 25g of plant protein per 6oz burger patty, an unrivalled texture, juiciness and mouthfeel, we believe that this is the product of 2019!”

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