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Mushlabs Becomes Infinite Roots, Plans to Pioneer New Era of Sustainable Foodtech

Hamburg biotech company Mushlabs announces its new corporate brand: Mushlabs will become Infinite Roots, with the transformation representing a deeper commitment to food security and sustainability and reinforcing the company’s commitment to promoting healthier diets and a healthier planet.

As a specialist in mushroom mycelium-based nutrition, Infinite Roots supports the sustainable revolution in food production. According to the company, the new brand development symbolizes the transition from an emerging startup phase to a mature corporate era. Three years ago the company raised $10 million in Series A to upscale production to industrial level, stating its vision to “bring about a meaningful and lasting change to our food system”.

Further to this mission, Infinite Roots says that its new identity seeks to reflect the essence of mushroom roots and embody a creative, inherently pure and planet-positive ethic. The expanding team of experts continually pursues the endless potential of mycelium to harness its benefits worldwide. The brand redesign is not just a new chapter in the company’s history – it reflects the vision to revolutionize global food systems with the limitless applications of mycelium, says the team.

© Jendrik Hill/Mushlabs

“We are revolutionizing the food industry”

Mycelium is a natural powerhouse, rich in complete proteins with all essential amino acids, prebiotic fibers, vitamins and minerals. Its potential as a nutrient-rich material is immense and is only now being fully recognised. Using bioreactors, the company cultivates mycelium which is nourished with nutrients from agricultural by-products to create a rich, nutritious biomass that forms the basis of the company’s sustainable food products.

Furthermore, Infinite Roots’ production process is a model of circular sustainability. It eliminates the need for land, fertilizers and pesticides, reduces the water footprint by 97 percent and CO2 emissions by 90 percent. This revolutionary technology enables the decentralization of food production and promotes a local food system that can produce year-round, regardless of weather and soil conditions.

Founder and CEO Dr. Mazen Rizk says: “Mushlabs is evolving into Infinite Roots as a symbol of entrepreneurial growth. We are revolutionizing the food industry as a commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Our transformative technology can help solve the most pressing environmental challenges of our time.”

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