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My Business Year in Review: Elysabeth Alfano

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The wonderful Elysabeth Alfano of the Plant-Based Business Hour is truly a force to be reckoned with in the vegan business space! What Elysabeth doesn’t know about vegan business isn’t worth knowing, and that’s why she is so respected and admired within our industry.

“Never stop. Never, ever, ever stop. Nose to the grindstone. Eyes to the sky.”

We caught up with friend to the team Elysabeth on her year in review.

What were your personal highlights of 2021?
2021 felt like warped speed. Through my company Plant Powered Consulting, I worked with so many brands helping them grow their business and visibility.  It was nothing short of pure joy to see their brands take flight, or go to the next level if already established, and make impact.  That said, public speaking has always been a personal passion and I did a lot of public speaking in 2021 at business school, summits, conferences and more. A true highlight of 2021 was speaking at the United National Global Compact Leaders Summit in June.

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Which milestones can your company reflect upon throughout the last year?
We started the year with the pressures of Covid, so it felt like a real triumph to take the Plantbased Business Hour on the road to Buhler in June and October and run the show live from their open houses.  Not only was it such much fun to be back out with people, but I realized how much The Plantbased Business Hour has grown as a show and how much increased listenership and visibility the show has gained.

In parallel, Plant Powered Consulting really took off in 2021 as the plant-based market expanded. I worked with over 15 brands on 4 continents in 2021 and truly feel that the work we are doing together has global impact. While what I did was different for each brand: branding decks, PR, market analysis, market overviews, introductions and general business consulting and strategy, it felt great to help build the businesses of so many brands while cumulatively helping to build out the plant-based market as a whole.

Elysabeth Veg Tech event
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Where can interested parties meet the company in person in 2022? (Trade fairs/events)

  • Fermented Protein Summit in January in San Francisco
  • Natural Foods Expo in Mexico in January
  • Future Food Tech in March in San Francisco
  • Expo West in March in Anaheim

Not sure of the rest yet, but Switzerland in June is a distinct possibility!

What kind of challenges lie ahead in 2022?
As more brands enter the marketplace, often too quickly, I think we will see some brands not make it and we may have a contraction before we have another expansion.  

©Elysabeth Alfano

What are your plans for 2022?
I have huge plans for 2022 and I predict that 2022 will the year of the individual investor.  2021 saw big corporate VCs enter the plant-based space and funds raised larger sums of money that left the average individual unable to participate in the growth of this secular trend. I predict 2022 will be the year that all changes. I am very excited to soon be able to share the news about my newest endeavor, VegTech™ Invest.

Any personal message to the PB business world?
Never stop. Never, ever, ever stop. Nose to the grindstone. Eyes to the sky.

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