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Nelson-Jameson Announces Strategic Partnerships to Meet Plant-Based Development Goals

In a move to adapt to the evolving landscape of consumer preferences and growing demands for plant-based products, food processing distributor Nelson-Jameson has announced two strategic partnerships with Vaess and Lallemand Specialty Cultures (LSC). These collaborations aim to provide innovative solutions to the food industry, catering to the increasing diversity of customer portfolios.

“Nelson-Jameson is thrilled to collaborate with Vaess and LSC to meet plant-based product development goals”

Representing over 850 vendors and distributing over 55,000 products, Nelson-Jameson has been a reliable support system for food and beverage processors for 75 years. The company has consistently adapted based on changing manufacturing practices, distribution channels, and consumer trends. This has encouraged it to seek partnerships with experts in the plant-based food industry, including the newly formed collaborations with Vaess and LSC.

Vaess plant-based products
© Vaess


Vaess is a Dutch food engineering company specializing in developing and manufacturing ingredients to enhance the taste, texture, and stability of food products. The company’s binders, emulsifiers, fillers, and flavorings provide multiple applications for the plant-based industry, such as binding systems for mycoprotein meat alternatives.

Coen van Oorschot, director at Vaess, stated, “This collaboration is part of Vaess’ mission to create a responsible food chain for future generations. By offering plant-based options, we can cater to a wider audience and ensure inclusivity so that there is something for everyone.”


Lallemand is a global developer of yeast, bacteria, and fungi derivatives, operating through its subsidiary Lallemand Specialty Cultures (LSC). The company offers a comprehensive range of natural inactive whole-cell yeast, yeast autolysates, and yeast extracts, catering to the plant-based snack and seasoning sectors.

“Based on the many ingredient sources, plant-based foods offer a wide range of possibilities for consumers. Our know-how in microbiology and fermentation, as well as our long-standing experience selecting the best cultures for dairy and meat applications, is a strong asset for the development of plant-based cultures,” says Julia Plateau-Gonthier, the category product manager for dairy, meat, and plant-based cultures at LSC.

© Lallemand

The company also produces vitamin D yeast suitable for bakery, fermented products, sauces, condiments, pasta, and more. In an interview with vegconomist, Business Development Manager of Plant-Based Nutrition Greg Erdei commented that LSC has “been developing yeast-extract composed flavor bases, such as Savor-Lyfe® CB and FB. The typical meaty, thus from vegan origin, yeast extract flavor profile is elaborated to contribute more specifically to the poultry / marine taste of plant-based foods.”

Peter Kempe, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Ingredients, at Nelson-Jameson, concluded, “Nelson-Jameson is thrilled to collaborate with Vaess and LSC to meet plant-based product development goals for our customers who want to explore additional options to complement their dairy business. The ingredients expertise that both companies have will help us deliver a comprehensive set of solutions for our customers for years to come.”

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