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Nepra Foods Partners with Scoular to Develop and Market Specialty Plant-Based Ingredients

Plant-based foods company Nepra Foods NPRFF (OTCMKTS) announces it has entered a manufacturing and distribution partnership with Scoular, a global agribusiness company. Together, the partners will collaborate on developing and marketing specialized plant-based ingredients.

“This partnership with Scoular represents a transformational step for Nepra”

According to Nepra, the partnership will involve new product development that utilizes Nepra’s R&D team as well as specialty ingredients from both companies. The partnership will also provide for sales and marketing, with Scoular offering Nepra products through its global supply chain network, benefitting both companies. 

“This partnership with Scoular represents a transformational step for Nepra and its ability to continue pushing the boundaries of novel food development and broadening market access,” said Chadwick White, CEO of Nepra Foods. “Scoular is a leader within the agricultural supply chain and a pioneer in bringing new, healthy, clean-label ingredients to market. With this partnership, Nepra is able to penetrate previously inaccessible markets and brands both domestically and internationally.”

Scoular/ Nepra Partnership

Hemp and egg whites

Based in Colorado, Nepra produces a range of “next generation” allergen-friendly plant-based foods, including frozen meals, alt-meat and dairy, and egg replacements.  In 2022, Nepra launched Textured Hemp Protein (THP), which can be used to replace beef, chicken or pork in food service preparations. 

The company also debuted a functional replacement for egg whites in commercial baking, and partnered with a major US bakery to deliver “superior” gluten-free bread using its egg white ingredient. 

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According to Nepra, its goals for 2023 include expanding production of THP and increasing ingredient sales by 60%, to US$8M. 

“Our partnership with Nepra is a great example of Scoular boosting our gluten-free product development capabilities,” said Brian Hansen, General Manager for Food Innovation at Scoular.  “It is also an example of how the food industry is becoming increasingly collaborative, enabling companies to combine their expertise to bring new products to the market.”

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