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Netherlands Opens First Vegan Casting Agency

Who better to market plant-based products than vegetarians and vegans themselves? The founders of “Vegan Casting”, the first vegan casting agency in the Benelux countries, certainly agree. The organisation announced the opening of the new agency at the Cannes Film Festival.

According to the organisation, the newly founded casting agency enables actors, models, musicians and other artists – who are all striving for the same values and a climate-neutral life – to network. When these talented people are selected, it is important that they eat vegan or at least vegetarian.

Commenting on the idea, founder Willo Schröer said: “More and more companies and advertising agencies are attaching great importance to their products or services making a positive contribution to environmental protection and the climate. Our talents share this awareness and are vegetarians or vegans themselves. This connection makes the campaigns really credible.”

Clients of Vegan Casting should be at home with traditional media such as television advertising, radio and print as well as the online advertising market. According to the company, new, sustainable companies will expand the portfolio of Vegan Casting every day, and professional artists are warmly welcomed to the new platform.

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