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Interesting and Unusual New Vegan Society Certifications: Bedding, Books and Bananas

The Vegan Society trademark is best known for its use on food and cosmetic products, but companies from other sectors are increasingly looking to gain certification. Here, we take a look at some of the most unusual.

Poetry collection

In June, poet Soni Kaur had the materials of her book certified as vegan. The paper and glue are produced using entirely animal-free processes, as is the biodegradable algae-based ink. The poetry collection is the first ever book to be registered with the Vegan Society trademark.


Luxury linen brand Tradelinens has received Vegan Society certification for its Suprelle Tencel Eco Fresh pillows and duvets, along with its Comforel pillow. The bedding is made from natural fibers derived from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees, combined with recycled materials.

Banana fabric

Bananatex is a fabric made from Abacá banana plants, grown without pesticides or extra water. The plants contribute to reforestation in the Philippines, and the fabric provides an alternative to synthetics such as polyester. Some Bananatex products previously used a beeswax coating, but this has now been replaced with a plant-based alternative, allowing the fabric to receive Vegan Society certification.

Image: The Vegan Society/Bananatex

“Bananatex is one of three brands who have registered fabrics with the Vegan Trademark this year. This is a really exciting development within the textiles industry and we hope registrations like Bananatex ultimately lead to more vegan products being released into the market, which will show just how accessible vegan fashion can be!” said Jodie Brown, certification officer for The Vegan Trademark.

Other unusual products to be registered with the Vegan Trademark in recent years include violins, personal pleasure toys, and paracetamol.

“Brands are definitely beginning to think outside of the box as to what may or may not be suitable for a vegan lifestyle,” said Gabriela Chalkia, client relations manager for The Vegan Trademark. “We’ve seen an increase in demand for registrations of items outside of the typical categories of food and cosmetics. It’s encouraging to see more acknowledgement that veganism isn’t just a diet, it’s a lifestyle.”

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