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NotCo Receives New US Patent, Offically Has the Only AI-Harnessing Plant-Based Production Platform in all of Foodtech?

South American plant-based food company NotCo announces it will soon open a new office in New York to host its commercial operations. Just after a few months of launching its NotMilkTM at Whole Foods Market, the foodtech leader backed by key investors such as Jeff Bezos, has been granted a patent for its proprietary artificial intelligence technology in the USA.

NotCo produces the NotBurgerTM, NotMayoTM, NotIceCreamTM and NotMilkTM which are distributed in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and soon to be in Mexico and Canada. The patented technology will protect the production process and help to get to the current products to market as well as provide NotCo with an edge on future innovations.


NotCo states that it is the only foodtech company to have developed proprietary technology to harness artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to make plant-based products equal to their animal-based counterparts. In September 2020 it announced an $85 million Series C closing, which facilitated its expansion into North America.

Originally from Santiago, Chile, NotCo has also expanded its vegan products in Argentina and Brazil. This week it announces the latest launch is of its famous NotMayo, with three new varieties: garlic, spicy and olive. The new products are created with water, sunflower oil, chickpea flour, lemon juice, mustard, garlic powder and white pepper, with the use of its machine-learning algorithm, whose name is Giuseppe.

Not Burger

“I’m a firm believer that the introduction of a new technology is the only way to solve a broken system. The food industry is obsolete and artificial intelligence is one of the keys to unveil a whole new world of possibilities, creating a whole new world of innovation and products that are just as delicious, but better for the environment. This patent really puts us ahead of the curve in the market,” says NotCo CEO & founder Matias Muchnick.

“The patent covers applications ranging from deep analysis and understanding of animal and plant-based food using proprietary databases of ingredients and recipes to find different and unexpected plant combinations for target products, and this is only the beginning. We continue to evolve rapidly to push the industry forward,” says CTO and cofounder of NotCo Karim Pichara.

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