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Nourish Ingredients Establishes Strategic Hub for Animal-Free Fat in Singapore

Australian precision fermentation company Nourish Ingredients has revealed plans to establish its operations in Singapore to accelerate the production of animal-free fats. Just a few weeks ago, the company debuted its new fat Tastilux in a plant-based chicken wing to showcase its capabilities in improving the taste and smell of alternative meats.

Nourish Ingredients will produce its flagship ingredient at Nurasa’s Food Tech Innovation Centre (FTIC), which features labs and a shared pilot facility. Nurasa is part of the Singapore government-owned investment accelerator firm Temasek.

The Australian food tech has also partnered with ScaleUp Bio, a local CDMO launched by Nurasa and ADM, to support and accelerate its fermentation capacity and to work with the regulatory body, the Singapore Food Authority.

Singapore’s regulatory and legal support, its production capabilities, and the country’s 30 by 30 goals make it an ideal location for showcasing its innovative fats in the Asia-Pacific region, said the company. Novel foods, including GOOD Meat’s cultivated chicken and Solar Foods’ protein “out of thin air,” are already commercially available in the country.

Nourish Ingredients has unveiled Tastilux, a new animal-free fat
Image courtesy of Nourish Ingredients

Groundbreaking fats

Nourish Ingredients develops alternatives to conventional fats and oils without animal ingredients or artificial chemicals, to improve the taste of plant-based meat. Tastilux is said to provide the distinct flavor and aroma of animal fats in plant-based chicken, beef, pork, and other proteins. Additionally, it enables animal fat cooking reactions.

“Tastilux represents a quantum leap in making plant-based meats live up to the rich, fatty taste and cooking performance consumers want and love,” said James Petrie, founder and CEO of Nourish Ingredients.

In 2021, the company raised $11 million to develop animal-free fat combinations, and went on a year later to secure $28.6 million to scale its platform.

“Singapore’s highly enabling ecosystem – from regulatory and legal support to production capabilities – and commitment to innovation and sustainability makes it an ideal hub for showcasing our groundbreaking fats in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Anna El Tahchy, Nourish Ingredients‘ chief technical officer and founding director. 

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