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Nuritas Reveals New Headquarters Near Yale to Expand Plant-Based Peptides Research

Dublin-based biotechnology company Nuritas announces its new North American headquarters will be built in Connecticut, near Yale University. Founder and CEO Dr. Nora Khaldi will relocate to the US to lead the company as it enters a major stage of expansion, and prepares to launch key products. For its new office, the company is also hiring for leadership roles in business development, marketing, science and other areas. 

The Peptide Finder

A pioneer of researching and commercializing plant-based bioactive peptides, Nuritas says it has created the world’s largest database of peptide knowledge through its AI and genomics platform, Nπϕ (Nuritas Peptide Finder). The platform is able to analyze billions of peptides within plants and other natural sources to predict how they affect health and interact with various molecular pathways and receptors.

According to the company, the Peptide Finder is able to identify bioactives 10 times faster and with much greater accuracy than conventional research methods. Once identified, the peptides are developed through lab and clinical testing before being scaled, patented and then brought to market. 

Nuritas Lab Scientist

Making the move

Nuritas branded molecules can be incorporated into consumer products for oral or topical use. It has partnered with food and pharma companies such as Nestle, Mars, Sumitomo Corporation and Pharmavite to create greener and safer natural products. In 2021, Nuritas raised $45M in Series B funding led by Cleveland Avenue, LLC. 

The company is also working with AdvanceCT and Yale Ventures, the university’s recent initiative for supporting innovation and entrepreneurship across the New Haven region. “We are incredibly excited to work with Dr. Khaldi and the team at Nuritas to bring their level of innovation to our area and grow their North American presence with key US partners,” said Peter Denious, CEO at AdvanceCT.    

Nuritas Pea Peptides

“Connecticut also offers a unique quality of life for our employees,” Dr. Khaldi said. “AdvanceCT has been very helpful to us as we’ve considered the best location for our North American headquarters, by linking us to the local ecosystem and helping us to expand our physical operations in the best way possible.”

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