• Oatly: “There’s No Better Day Than Today to Switch to a Healthier Plant-Based Option”

    It’s day two of our celebratory series about the wonderful world of plant milks, leading up to World Plant Milk Day this Saturday. Our second brand today is the incredible Oatly.

    Oatly was founded back in the 1990s, with the mission to make it easy for people to eat better and live healthier lives without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources in the process. Oatly is a renowned brand and a favourite with baristas due to the compatibility of its milk with coffee.

    Oatly’s products include milks, cold coffees, yogurts, creamers, spreads, ice-cream, and custard, among others. You can find the full range here.

    The company aims to have a tasty and sustainable plant-based alternative to all products in the dairy section. It believes that switching to plant-based should be easy and never feel like a compromise — rather, it should be an upgrade.

    Oatly WPMD
    © Oatly

    Oatly is passionate about plant-based alternatives, and its Communication Manager Linda Nordgren gave us her insight into promoting the sector: “As far as we’re concerned, every day is plant milk day! There’s no better day than today to switch over to a more sustainable and healthier plant-based option. And we’re working every day of the week — almost all year round — to help people realise just how fabulous plant-based dairy alternatives actually are.

    “We don’t have any specific plans for World Plant Milk Day (as of yet – you never know, we constantly surprise even ourselves!), but continue to do our very best every day to inspire people to switch to plant-based alternatives. But, obviously, we think the initiative around World Plant Milk Day is great! More people need to switch to plant-based, and all initiatives supporting that are a win for the planet and all of us living here.”

    Oatly WPMD
    Linda Nordgren. © Oatly

    We at vegconomist are always looking for expert insights into the animal-free economy. Linda gave us her opinion: “Oh, if we only had a crystal ball to predict the future! One thing is for sure, the post milk generation is not a passing trend — it’s a movement that’s here to stay.”

    And finally, we wanted to know if Linda would like to share anything with our readers to mark this special event.

    “We’re a company built on the idea of change, and we know there’s a lot of things that need to change within food production and consumption for a more sustainable future,” she said. “But that is not always easy — either for individuals or for companies. It can be challenging and it can take time. But change is made easier if we support and encourage each other — when we do it together.”

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