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One Planet Pizza Launches in Sweden With Help of Kale United

One Planet Pizza‘s product range is now available in Sweden through a distribution agreement with Kale Foods, a subsidiary of well-known Swedish vegan VC firm Kale United, headed by Måns Ullerstam.

“Launching in a pizza-loving country like Sweden is amazing.”

The full portfolio of frozen pizzas is now available to Swedish consumers from online retailer Vembla in Stockholm and Malmö, as well as in food service for restaurants.

“The Swedish market is demanding a vegan premium pizza and we are particularly pleased to have One Planet Pizza in our plant-based portfolio. We are currently in dialogue with a number of different grocery retailers in Sweden and hope for a nationwide launch soon”, says Anders Nilback, CEO of Kale Foods.

One planet pizza
© One Planet Pizza

Kale Food organised a teaser launch in collaboration with Swedish PR agency Redget Communications, with vegan influencers and pizza lovers sampling the pizzas. YouTuber Evelina Forsell commented: “Let’s try this! I love that the crust is so thin. Oh my God. Okay, first try – it’s really, really good! Is it the best vegan pizza? It might be!”

Nilback commented: “We believe that reaching out with a campaign to different opinion leaders and influencers in a creative and playful way is fully in line with our strategy of creating buzz and generating demand.”

Says Mike Hill, Co-founder of One Planet Pizza: “Launching in a pizza-loving country like Sweden is amazing. When we started the business in 2016, we had high hopes for the brand as we knew there was a big gap for epic tasting plant-based pizza in the market, but we are so delighted to see it gain popularity in other countries, as the plant-based movement takes the world by storm.

“We’ve seen strong growth in the UK market, especially in recent years and our range has been listed in one of the major UK supermarket chains, ASDA; their customers are loving our pizzas, with the Spicy Peppernomi being the most popular as flexitarians start to look for ways to cut down their meat and dairy consumption without compromising on taste.”

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