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One Planet Pizza and Ben & Jerry’s Partner to Offer Exclusive Veganuary Meal Deal at Asda

UK-based vegan pizza brand One Planet Pizza has joined forces with ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s to offer a Veganuary meal deal at Asda.

Available online only, it is the retailer’s first ever frozen vegan meal deal, allowing shoppers to order One Planet’s Peppernomi Pizza and Ben & Jerry’s new Oat of this Swirled sundae for a total of £5. Ordinarily, the pizza costs £4 and the ice cream costs £5.50.

The Peppernomi Pizza consists of a wood-fired sourdough base topped with Italian tomato sauce, plant-based cheese, and hyperrealistic plant-based pepperoni. It is One Planet Pizza’s bestselling product, and was made permanently available at 400 Asda stores a year ago following a successful trial.

“Veganuary is undoubtedly the best time of the year to show everyone just how far vegan food has come. By offering shoppers the chance to try the best vegan pizza and the best ice cream together for just £5, we’re making going vegan this month easier, tastier, and more affordable than ever!” said Joe Hill, co-founder of One Planet Pizza.

One Planet Pizza and Ben and Jerry's launch Veganuary meal deal at Asda
© Ben & Jerry’s

New oat-based ice cream formula

The new Oat of this Swirled sundae is described by Ben & Jerry’s as “burnt sugar non-dairy ice cream loaded with oat cinnamon cookies and toasty marshmallowy caramel swirls, topped with a soft whipped top and Open Chain chocolatey chunks”.

The launch comes after the US-based company announced a shift towards an oat-based formula for its dairy-free products, after previously using almond milk. It comes as consumers increasingly show a preference for oat-based dairy alternatives due to their smooth texture, neutral taste, sustainability, and suitability for those with nut allergies.

“With this new recipe, Ben & Jerry’s fans can expect more: more flavor, more creamy texture, and more dessert euphoria with the same signature chunks and swirls. The oat recipe is so good, it’s even loved by our most discerning dairy fans who are used to eating ice cream,” said Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Guru Colleen Rossell.

The One Planet Pizza and Ben & Jerry’s meal deal will be available online at Asda from January 11-31.

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