CEO Statements: Revo Foods & Kynda Biotech on Mycoprotein, the Vegan Meat of the Forest

In this installment of the series “CEO statements: what excites, moves and motivates“, in which our German language platform interviews CEOs on current topics, vegconomist spoke to Robin Simsa, CEO of Revo Foods, and Daniel MacGowan- von Holstein, CEO of German company Kynda Biotech GmbH.

Both companies specialise in alternative products based on mycoproteins and see it as the future of meat alternative products. Mycoprotein is becoming increasingly popular due to its texture similar to meat and its high nutritional value. This protein alternative is often produced through the fermentation of fungal components and offers not only a sustainable source of protein, but also one that is very similar in texture and flavour to conventional meat. This makes mycoprotein an attractive ingredient for the development of vegan meat alternatives.

The growing acceptance of mycoprotein reflects a broader trend in meat alternatives where diversity and innovation in ingredients are becoming increasingly important. Food technology companies and start-ups are actively exploring the diverse possibilities that mushrooms offer in various forms, from whole mushroom pieces and mushroom mycelium to finely texturised mycoprotein, with the aim of contributing to a more sustainable food system.

Robin Simsa, CEO of Revo Foods
Robin Simsa © Revo Foods

Mycoprotein as ideal for whole cuts

Revo Foods from Vienna has been developing new texturing methods for meat alternatives using additive manufacturing since 2020. According to the company, this enabled the world’s first commercial 3D-textured meat alternative (a salmon fillet) to be launched in supermarkets in 2023. Revo Foods relies on mycoprotein as the main ingredient in its development. As recently as mid-March, the company announced the launch of “THE KRAKEN – Inspired by Octopus“, which it claims is the world’s first plant-based alternative to octopus tentacles.

Robin Simsa, CEO of Revo Foods, sees many advantages in the use of mushroom proteins and says: “Mycoprotein is a unique clean-label product that can be processed with minimal effort. Mycoprotein is particularly suitable for new texturising methods such as 3D structuring and is also well received by consumers.”

Daniel MacGowan- von Holstein of Kynda Biotech GmbH
Daniel MacGowan- von Holstein © Kynda Biotech GmbH

Ready for the market: mycelium-based foods

Kynda Biotech GmbH, formerly known as Keen 4 Greens GmbH, is a young biotechnology startup that specialises in the fermentation of fungal mycelium to produce alternative proteins for the food industry. The company offers an innovative plug-and-play biotechnology that enables customers to produce sustainable protein sources directly on-site. By using low-cost, proprietary bioreactors, Kynda Biotech aims to facilitate access to mycelium fermentation and thus contribute to decentralised, more environmentally friendly food production.

Daniel MacGowan-von Holstein, CEO of Kynda Biotech GmbH, sees the fermentation of mycoprotein as a key technology for the future food industry and comments: “Mycelium-based meat alternatives are ready to move from fermentation into food production. The first biotech start-ups have begun to tap into the market. Increasing efficiency, through production scaling and industry involvement, will show that mycelial fermentation is unbeatable in terms of profitability and sustainability. It is the key function of the bioeconomic circular economy in the agricultural and food industries.”

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