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Pfeifer & Langen Invests in Innovation Leader AMIDORI

Amidori, leading innovator in the 100 per cent vegetarian high-protein food segment, and Pfeifer & Langen Handels-KG will be cooperating in a new partnership. The Pfeifer & Langen Handels-KG is the proprietary company of some leading enterprises within the food industry (owning Intersnack, Pfeifer & Langen Zucker and Naturkost Übelhör, among others), and has acquired a majority shareholding in the European plant proteins market’s leading innovator.

Amidori uses peas and other plant proteins to create high-quality food products. The corporate partnership is an investment in the strategic growth market of plant proteins, which hold the key to nutrition of the future: the cultivation of plants such as peas, beans and oats for the extraction of plant proteins is far more resource-saving than the manufacture of animal proteins.

Amidori founder Friedrich Büse comments: “We have developed a new nutritional category: delicious, plant-based high-protein products which almost everyone can use easily when cooking and preparing food. Incidentally, in the long run, it will prove impossible to feed the world population without the use of plant-based protein sources. Our products help ensure that the consumption of natural resources is reduced. And instead of chemical additives, we use entirely new physical processes during manufacture, such as heat and pressure. Our inspiration remains our commitment to good food, to people, animals and our earth.”

Jens Wedel, managing director of Amidori, says: “Global food production lays claim to over 30% of the earth’s ice-free surface, 70% of the available fresh water, 30% of the transport sector and 20% of all energy generated. Going forward, sustainable food production requires social and industrial adjustments. From an environmental and nutritional perspective, protein supply is a key issue in this context. It is scientifically proven that products of animal origin have a disproportionately strong influence on the loss of biodiversity, fresh water, climate change and many other areas.”

Uwe Schöneberg, personally liable partner of Pfeifer & Langen Industrie- und Handels-KG, says: “The investment in Amidori marks our entry into what is, for us, a new, strategic food sector with great potential – both nationally and internationally. Plant proteins may well constitute a key solution when addressing the increasing challenges posed by nourishing the world’s growing population.”



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