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Planet Based Foods Introduces First Hemp-Based Meat Products to US Market

Planet Based Foods announces the US debut of the first plant-based meats made with hemp as the primary ingredient.

Using an innovative and efficient process that maximizes nutrients, the startup is one of the only companies to use hemp seeds, along with pea protein and brown rice, to create burgers, sausages and crumbles. 

Planet Based Foods says its products offer high-performance nutrition and omega 3-6-9 fatty acids without using any soy, gluten or GMO ingredients. The company currently offers five products available for purchase online: Original Hemp Burger, Green Chili Southwest Hemp Burger, Breakfast Sausage Patties, and Italian and Original Crumbles. 

Planet Based Foods Taco
©Planet Based Foods

The wonders of hemp 

Founded in 2019 by Braelyn Davis, Robert Davis and Ted Cash, Planet Based Foods represents six years of research and development focused on transforming hemp protein into plant-based meat, the company says. 

Rich in protein and nutrients, hemp is also a highly sustainable crop that offers a range of environmental benefits. Hemp seeds require less irrigation than most crops, help to regenerate and improve soils, do not require pesticides and can thrive in warmer temperatures and climates, which makes them especially adaptable to climate change. 

Planet Based Foods says the company sources all of its hemp from the United States as part of a commitment to lower the brand’s carbon footprint and support American farmers. 

Planet Based Foods Hemp Sausage
©Planet Based Foods

An untapped natural resource

“Planet Based Foods is on a mission to establish hemp as a nutrient-dense protein source that can feed the world sustainably for generations to come,” said Braelyn Davis, CEO and co-founder, Planet Based Foods. “We see hemp as an untapped natural resource that delivers unmatched nutrition and sustainability benefits, and is uniquely suited to thrive in the face of climate change. We believe deeply in the potential for our hemp-based products to play a role in addressing major food system challenges while delighting discerning values-driven customers.”

Attendees at the 2022 Winter Fancy Food Show can sample the hemp products at booth #3336 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from February 6-8.

Planet Based Foods products are also available for nationwide shipping online

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