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Plant-Based Egg Substitute by MyEy

MyEy’s organic and vegan-certified egg replacer is an innovative alternative to conventional eggs which is equivalent to them in both taste and functionality. MyEy is ideal for vegan diets, and is also suitable for people who avoid cholesterol and animal fat for health reasons.

Christian Geiser, a former chief patissier on cruise ships, is a pioneer of modern vegan cuisine, and captured the hearts of connoisseurs as early as 1999 with his high-quality vegan confectionery. MyEy is a perfect egg replacement for both professionals and hobby chefs. The ingredients, a mixture of plant proteins, spices and mineral salts, have been combined so that MyEy comes as close as possible to conventional eggs in terms of baking behaviour, colour, consistency and taste. MyEy is not just a prize-winning innovation by Christian Geiser; in 2018, his unique egg substitute was even registered as a patent.

MyEy products contain no animal fats, no added sugar, and are free of GMOs, cholesterol, gluten, and soya – and of course are vegan and certified organic. Simply combined with 5 parts water, MyEy powders are an easy alternative for anyone, in baking, desserts and much more.

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