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Plant Power Fast Food Partners with Alpha Foods for More Affordable Vegan Burgers

Plant Power Fast Food, a leading vegan fast food chain, announces new lower-priced menu items as it works to achieve price parity with traditional fast food brands. To create the menu, the chain worked with plant-based brand Alpha Foods to make new pea protein burgers and cheeseburgers priced at $4.95 and $5.95, respectively. 

Removing barriers

“One of the core criticisms of plant-based food is that it is expensive, our goal is to remove that barrier and make plant-based fast food an easy choice,” states Plant Power co-founder and COO Zach Vouga.

According to the brand,  the company’s new offerings are now priced within $1-2 of similar animal-based meat burgers at global brands like Burger King, Wendy’s and McDonald’s. In fact, Plant Power’s new pea protein-based Classic Burger ($4.95) currently costs less than Burger King’s Impossible Whopper ($7.99). As the demand for plant protein increases, Plant Power asserts, prices will continue to drop as manufacturers scale up production. 

Plant Power Cheeseburger
©Plant Power Fast Food

A proprietary patty

To introduce more affordable options, Plant Power collaborated with plant-based meat producer Alpha Foods to develop a proprietary non-GMO, gluten-free patty made from peas. “We have spent nearly two years collaborating with Alpha Foods’ R&D to painstakingly perfect the new juicy, smoky and wildly delicious burger patty and we are thrilled with the results,” comments Vouga. 

Plant Power, which operates 11 locations and plans to expand across the US, says reaching price parity with fast food giants is one of the company’s major goals. 

Plant Power Burger
©Plant Power Fast Food

“The launch of these new hamburgers and cheeseburgers at $4.95 and $5.95 respectively is a tremendous step towards achieving this goal,” says co-founder and CEO Jeffrey Harris. “These new price points allow us to expand our demographic and to share the Plant Power experience with a much larger customer base than before.  And more people eating delicious, sustainable, plant-based food goes to the very core of our mission”.

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