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Plantruption Uses Seaweed to Develop “Ireland’s First Plant-Based Seafood”

Irish company Plantruption has developed what it claims is the first plant-based seafood made in Ireland. Its first product, the Irish Sea Weed Burger, is made with seaweed harvested on Ireland’s Atlantic shores.

The burger contains organically harvested red, brown, and green seaweeds, combined with tempeh and vegetables. According to the company, it’s high in a range of nutrients such as iodine, iron, vitamin C antioxidants, fibre, vitamin K, and vitamin B12. It also contains almost 30g of protein.

The Irish Sea Weed Burger comes in compostable packaging that dissolves in the ocean within 12-14 weeks. The company says its plant-based seafood could help to reduce overfishing, give ocean ecosystems a chance to recover, reduce the number of fishing nets causing plastic pollution in the oceans, and lower production emissions.

Founded by Jennifer O’Brien, the company has big plans for expansion. It is working with a team of experts in the fields of intellectual property, food innovation and technology commercialisation, as well as forming global relationships with potential strategic partners and investors.

Plantruption sea weed burger
© Plantruption

A recent report suggests that the plant-based seafood market is set to skyrocket over the next decade, growing by 13 times to be worth $1.3bn. Seaweed is gaining ground as a potential solution to the issues with conventional seafood, with companies such as Sophie’s Bionutrients and Triton Algae Innovations using it to make alt-protein products. Meanwhile, both Trophic and Algaia are turning to seaweed as an ingredient to improve the texture and sustainability of plant-based meats.

“Our aim was to create a plant-based product as sustainable and ethical as possible,” says Plantruption on its website. “The health benefits are sometimes too long to list.”

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