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PlantX Appoints Chef Matthew Kenney as Chief Culinary Officer & Announces Retail Acquisition

After recently posting a record-breaking Q3 – including a 298% sales increase – Canadian plant-based ecommerce platform PlantX has announced the appointment of vegan chef Matthew Kenney as its new Chief Culinary Officer. The deal also includes a five year partnership with his global plant-based lifestyle brand and the acquisition of its California-based vegan store New Deli. 

The PlantX e-commerce platform – often referred to as the vegan Amazon – aims to build an ecosystem around plant-based living and Kenney will use his skills as a renowned health and wellness educator to cultivate knowledge on plant-based living among PlantX customers. Kenney is the author of 12 cookbooks and the founder of dozens of vegan restaurants, as well as New Deli, the sustainable LA bodega concept acquired by PlantX in the agreement. 

NewDeli, Image credit @mueller.adrian

As Chief Culinary Officer, Kenney aims to apply his experience and expertise in the industry to lead PlantX’s culinary development program by spearheading the meal delivery vertical, product selection and branded product designs. The new business relationship and accompanying acquisitions fit into PlantX’s plans to open new brick-and-mortar locations in San Diego, Squamish, and Tel Aviv. The company also began the process to become a NASDAQ listed company at the beginning of 2021 and is preparing for its imminent listing in the coming months.

“We are honored and humbled to have the godfather of vegan cuisine lead the growth of our young company,” says PlantX Founder Sean Dollinger. “Matthew will provide invaluable wisdom that will give PlantX a competitive edge in the fast-growing plant-based space.” 

Plant X

“My team and I are thrilled to work with PlantX and expand our presence through this partnership,” says Kenney. “Entering a new international market is always exciting, but we are especially passionate about bringing MKC to Canada, where there is so much alignment with our vision and limitless growth potential.”

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