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ProteinDistillery and NETZSCH Partner to Advance Egg-Like Prew:tein from Upcycled Brewer’s Yeast

The German biotech ProteinDistillery announces a partnership with the machine manufacturer NETZSCH to advance the purification process of Prew:tein — a biomass fermentation-derived protein that delivers functionality akin to egg whites.  

ProteinDistillery recently secured €15 million to build an industrial-scale production facility in southern Germany. Claimed as Europe’s first protein-competence center, the plant will be able to produce tons of the vegan protein crafted from upcycled brewer’s yeast.

NETZSCH will supply essential machinery to isolate Prew:tein from the biomass — a process essential to achieve a final product — and will also engage in co-development efforts. According to the startup,  the collaboration between the machine engineers and its team will also result in cutting-edge purification methods, driving innovation in the industry. 

“This strategic partnership will not only enhance our capabilities but also ensure that we can bring our innovative and sustainable product to a broader audience,” states the company.

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Sustainable proteins

On the other hand, by partnering with a fermentation startup like ProteinDistillery, NETZSCH will expand into the growing field of alternative proteins and innovate in new realms.

Headquartered in Selb, Bavaria, NETZSCH stands out for its grinding and dispersing machinery, pumps, and analyzing and testing tools. The firm offers 150 years of manufacturing machinery and instrumentation expertise with worldwide production, sales, and service branches.

ProteinDistillery, co-founded by Dr. Kurz, Christoph Pitter, Michael Baunach, and Marco Ries, has headquarters in Esslingen and Berlin. The new competence center is set to be completed by 2025. It will support a circular economy while enabling manufacturers to develop clean-label, plant-based products to meet the growing sustainability demands. 

In the long term, the collaboration is expected to help scale production, facilitate market expansion, and accelerate growth for ProteinDistillery.

“Our mission conveys a strong transformation within the food industry. Our functional products are crucial for ensuring a stable and secure food supply chain in the face of fluctuating environmental conditions and geopolitical uncertainties,” the startup said in the announcement.

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