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PURIS Opens New Facility After Being Named World’s Most Innovative Food Company

In March, US plant protein producer PURIS claimed the top spot on Fast Company’s list of the world’s most innovative food companies. Now, it is opening a new facility that will make it North America’s top pea protein supplier.

The 200,000 square foot facility is located in Dawson, Minnesota. It will more than double PURIS’ production capacity, enabling the company to supply half of North America’s demand for pea protein. According to PURIS, the facility will support over 400 growers.

The new facility has been made possible by funding from Cargill, which initially began investing in the company in 2019. PURIS says it has seen 60% annual topline growth in the past 5 years, compared to a category average of 12% per year.


PURIS is best known for its unique high-protein pea variety, PURIS Yellow Field Peas, which can be grown in several different climates. Ordinary peas have limited viability in North America, as they can only be grown in the Midwest and Canada. But PURIS’ variety can be cultivated as far south as Arizona, meaning the peas can be grown throughout almost the entire year. They are also high-yielding, resistant to disease, and help to improve soil health.

Earlier this year, PURIS announced a collaboration with the LIVEKINDLY Collective to introduce the pea variety into South Africa. Early trials suggest that the peas grow extremely well in the country.

“PURIS offers the only vertically-integrated, two-plant American production model, from genetics and procurement through conditioning and manufacturing,” the company says. “PURIS buys back grower partners’ crops to produce plant-based ingredients, including pea protein, starch and solubles used by consumer favorite brands like Beyond Meat and Ritual.”

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