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Revolutionizing Alt-Proteins: Superbrewed Food Secures Patent for “True Breakthrough” Postbiotic Protein

Fermentation startup Superbrewed Food has achieved a major milestone, securing a patent for its proprietary Postbiotic Protein ingredient. This development, combined with the attainment of self-affirmed GRAS status, grants the company a competitive advantage in the alt-protein market, enhancing the appeal of Superbrewed Postbiotic Protein to consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

The patent comes after a period of significant growth for Superbrewed Food. In 2022, the company attained self-affirmed GRAS status for its postbiotic protein and began a strategic collaboration with The Bel Group, makers of Babybel and The Laughing Cow, to develop cheese products with its postbiotic cultured protein. Superbrewed Food also made an appearance at the UN Climate Conference (COP28) in 2023.

“Securing this patent […] represents a true breakthrough in food ingredients”

The US Patent Application Publication (No. 2023/0320399) covers a broad range of applications for the production and commercialization of bacterial biomass ingredients. With an 18-year market exclusivity, this patent covers all forms of bacterial-biomass proteins, including natural, non-GMO, and GMO organisms with a protein content of 60% or higher. It also extends to various production methods and feedstocks, including sugar, agricultural waste, and CO2.

Derived from microflora native to Superbrewed Food’s microbiome, the company claims its patented Postbiotic Protein offers superior nutritional and functional benefits over other plant and microbial proteins, comprising all nine essential amino acids.

New class of proteins

The CEO and co-founder of Superbrewed Food, Bryan Tracy, commented on this achievement: “Securing this patent celebrates the tremendous efforts of Superbrewed Food’s innovation team, and it represents a true breakthrough in food ingredients. We are excited to provide unique combinations of benefits and strong IP protection to our customers in the fast-growing and competitive alternative protein market. And most importantly, consumers are soon to have access to a new class of proteins that deliver all aspects of better eating.”

Superbrewed Food
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Industry insights and consumer trends

In an interview with vegconomist, Marie-Benedicte-Charpentier, marketing and growth director at ADM, commented on the growing interest in postbiotic products: “58% of global consumers perceive a connection between the function of bacteria in the gut to wider aspects of well-being. With that, interest in gut microbiome-supporting solutions, including […] postbiotics, is on the rise.” Consequently, other companies like 21st.BIO in Denmark are using precision fermentation to produce animal-free proteins, and Dutch ingredients startup Vivici has partnered with Gingko Bioworks to advance the production of sustainable animal-free dairy proteins as well.

Looking forward, Superbrewed Food plans to commence commercial-scale production and expand its product offerings across North America and globally. The company anticipates launching its first products in Q4 2024.

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