• Russia: Greenwise Pioneers Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

    Greenwise is one of the first manufacturers of plant-based meat alternatives in Russia. According to the company, it creates meat alternatives which don’t just imitate the taste, consistency, and mouthfeel of animal products, but are also versatile and affordable.

    Currently, the brand’s product line includes three plant-based alternatives: high-fibre vegan meat, dried vegan meat, and vegan ham with a meaty flavour. Each product is not only 100% vegan, but also free of GMOs and added preservatives. Greenwise also puts great emphasis on imitating the natural taste of conventional beef, chicken or lamb when developing its meat alternatives.

    “We create products for people who don’t want to choose between plant-based and delicious, environmentally friendly and affordable, or affordable and healthy products,” the company says. “Our global mission is no longer to manufacture and market plant-based foods as alternatives or substitutes, but to ensure that they are the norm in every store.”

    Greenwise mainly uses plant proteins such as soy and wheat to make its structured vegan meat products, which contain up to 65% protein. According to the company, they can be used as substitutes in any traditional meat-based dish.

    Greenwise currently has a production capacity of 20,000 kg of finished products per month, and is already targeting the global market.

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