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San Francisco Firm Takes on the Dairy Industry

Eclipse Foods is aiming to take down the dairy industry by creating plant-based alternatives that taste exactly like dairy, reports TechCrunch.

The company was founded by Thomas Bowman, Michelin-starred chef and former director of product development at Hampton Creek (now Just Foods), and Aylon Steinhart, a former specialist working with the Good Food Institute.

“We had an ‘oh sh*t’ moment when we got our plant-based milk to act just like the real thing,” says Bowman. “We’re not pureeing nuts or seeds or legumes. We asked, ‘What are the properties of milk?’ and built this dairy base of the exact amino acids and fat profile.”

“We started talking about ideas and landed on this dairy platform,” Steinhart added. “It’s a place where we can make a big change very fast given the technological breakthroughs that we solved for early on.”

Eclipse Foods’ first line of products will be a variety of unique flavoured cream cheeses, said Steinhart, and are expected to be rolled out for restaurants in the San Francisco area first.

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