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As Seafood Alternatives Gain Popularity, Planteneers Provides Custom Solutions for Manufacturers

Planteneers GmbH, headquartered in Germany, develops and produces custom system solutions for plant-based alternatives to meat and sausages, as well as cheese and dairy products. In 2021, Planteneers added a new category to its portfolio by introducing plant-based alternatives to fish and seafood.

With its expanded range, Planteneers is delivering answers for the rising demand in plant-based seafood. Among its new products are plant-based calamari and shrimp. Both foods can be produced using the same system, with individual product variants made by adjusting the form and colour.

Alt seafood opportunities for manufacturers

As interest and demand for plant-based alternatives to fish and seafood is on the rise, manufacturers are looking for answers, including matching ingredients and knowhow, to shape the next category within the plant-based alternatives segment. Planteneers is offering products that are suitable for fish producers and companies specializing in making plant-based alternatives, as well as meat manufacturers.

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Planteneers claims its production to be very straightforward, with the mass first being made by a standard cutter as it is used in the meat industry. Ideally it should have a vacuum function, in order to get a compact, homogeneous mass. This can then be given the desired shape with a standard moulding machine. Thus, without much expense and without investment in new equipment, and opportunity for an inexpensive shift towards plant-based seafood alternatives is created.  

The window of opportunity for this change should be seized based on the growing trend towards plant-based seafood alternatives; Dr. Dorotea Pein, Director Product Management at Planteneers, found at Plant Based World, that industry attendees showed particular interest in plant-based alternatives to fish and seafood.

Commenting on Planteneers step into the plant-based seafood alternatives space, Dr Pein said: “The enormous technological leap we made in the development of fish alternatives was a real breakthrough. The current demand confirms the importance of these plant-based products.”



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